Just want to say thanks…

…to Dave for his quick help in finding a great deal on the book for which we were looking! Thanks so much, Dave!


aches of all kinds

Faith is home from school today. Josiah tried to squeeze his way out of going but truth be told, I think he really wanted to be at school. For that, I am glad. 🙂

Faith has a tummy ache today, complete with multiple trips to the potty, and feels a bit warm. Poor thing. Some bug is working its way thru her system. She’s healthy and strong, however and I know with some extra rest and fluids, she’ll be back to 100% soon.

I had such a hard time deciding whether or not to keep her home from school today! I mean, it shouldn’t be this hard right? Child is sick = stay home from school. Trouble is, Nova is so advanced and they keep such a challenging schedule that to stay home for one day often means a few days of catch up! I never want that for our kids but I know it’s part of life.

We can’t be healthy ALL of our days. Nor can we be on top of things 100% of the time. Playing catch up builds character, right? *lol*

I’m aching too, today, although PTL, not as bad as in the previous two days. I’ve decided to wean Dewey. It’s been a painless process really. Starting the first of January, we began just nursing him upon waking, once during the day before naptime, and then at bedtime. We introduced cow’s milk and he took to it like a champ. We stayed that course for just about a couple of weeks and then eliminated the naptime nursing. No problems there, either!

Then just last Saturday we eliminated the evening nursing session and not really on purpose, either! Dewey fell asleep on our way home from my MIL’s house and just never woke up when we brought him into the house so we put him into his bed. We weren’t feeling the best on Sunday morning b/c of getting to bed super late and most of us were nursing colds that were only made worse by lack of sleep, so we made the decision to stay home from church. Eric got up with the baby that morning and gave him a cup of milk so I could rest a bit more.

Voila! Weaning complete. 🙂 In the beginning of this process, Andrew needed some distractions during those times when he was used to nursing but couldn’t. Now he doesn’t even give it a second thought. No pulling on my shirt, or twisting to face me (well, face my chest anyways. *lol*). Those times when he used to nurse have been replaced with rocking, reading, singing and drinking a cup of milk.

I do struggle with the fact that I’ve chosen to wean him instead of letting him do it himself. I mean, we fought SO HARD to be able to nurse!!! All I can say is that it’s time. He’ll be a year on the 29th so it’s not unreasonable to have weaned him, anyhow.

So as I handle the aches that are present as my body adjusts again, I’ll remember what a beautiful blessing it was to be able to nurse my child for a year. I’ll be thankful for the grace that God gave me to be able to make it thru the tough times that came.

OH, and the loveliest gift God could have given me thru this whole nursing saga was my darling husband! You were my irreplaceable partner from beginning to end! I could not have gotten this far without your support and your help. Thank you, honey!!! 🙂

This book, by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. Can’t find it used anywhere, so if you know where we can get one, let us know!

Ok, this may seem crazy…

…but Kim and I are thinking of homeschooling again. But only thinking. We need people to pray for us. To pray for God’s wisdom, for the wise counsel of others, for peace, for gumption, for determination, for whatever it will take for us to make the right decision, and to stick to it.

This is mainly for our DD Faith. She is working hard, and improving at school, but she has no life outside school. Josiah rocks the whole school thing, and has no issues at all, but Faith seems to be getting lost.

We’re just praying for guidance and direction. We’re praying for wisdom, and that what we will end up doing will honor God, and display his grace, mercy, and glory to those around us. It’s not about us, but our kids, and how we can help them be effective people in this world.

Well, due to the current bout of Pertussis suffered by Andrew and my darling wife, Kimberly, we’ve all had to be on a course of antibiotics, which also means that the eldest kids needed to be kept home from school until the antibiotics had run their course. This means that today is the last day for the kids to be home for that reason, and they are BOTH chomping at the bit to get back! I’m so excited to hear that they can’t wait to get back to school!

As for tonight, Kimberly has a meeting with some friends because one of their number is leaving Minnesota for Georgia, and a job for her husband. So I’ll be taking care of the kids once again tonight.


Good Luck, Andrea and (correct me here if I’m wrong, hon!) Mel Owens!

The struggles of a new school

Wow! What a beginning to the year. So much for the kids to learn about how to do Nova, let alone your average Public school! We’ve had some missteps on the part of the kids, but that’s mainly organizational skills and planning that needs to be learned. I’m sure these first two weeks will be a process, and then all will be back to normal. I’m proud of my girl, and my boy. They’re taking to this whole transition very well! please say a prayer for them as they continue to learn and grow!

Well, in 5 days, our two eldest children will be going back to public school. Mind you, it’ a charter school, and things are much different than a standard public school (espedially the uniforms!), but still, it’s a proud/melancholy idea for me. I had very little to do with our homeschooling effort (that has more wrapped up in it than just the words) but it still is strange to see this chapter happening in our lives. All part of God’s plan, I suppose. We trust Him, so we venture forth with surety.

More later!