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Well, due to the current bout of Pertussis suffered by Andrew and my darling wife, Kimberly, we’ve all had to be on a course of antibiotics, which also means that the eldest kids needed to be kept home from school until the antibiotics had run their course. This means that today is the last day for the kids to be home for that reason, and they are BOTH chomping at the bit to get back! I’m so excited to hear that they can’t wait to get back to school!

As for tonight, Kimberly has a meeting with some friends because one of their number is leaving Minnesota for Georgia, and a job for her husband. So I’ll be taking care of the kids once again tonight.


Good Luck, Andrea and (correct me here if I’m wrong, hon!) Mel Owens!


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Last night was *supposed to be* the kid’s first piano recital. We knew it may be slow going to get there on time because of rush hour traffic and all but it was important to the kids that Eric be there so we made the decision to pick him up after work and high-tail it over there.

UNFORTUNATELY, we found ourselves not only contending with the traffic that downtown St. Paul brings but also with 2 inches of snow and falling temperatures. YIKES! Welcome to MN in December.

After sitting in traffic so slow that snow was actually accumulating on our car and not having made it out of St. Paul after 25min of slinking from stop light to stop light, we made the decision to forgo the piano recital in favor of a family dinner at Baker’s Square. 🙂 It *was* “Kid’s Eat Free” night, after all.

What a surprise when we saw a sign on Baker’s Square that read, “Santa is here tonight!” The kids were excited to see a “real Santa” and had a fun time taking pictures (which I should have soon…) and asking all sorts of questions to the jolly big man. We truly counted it as a blessing.

So, the MN winter weather got the best of us this time…no video of their first recital. But I am sure we will have our own version here at home, as well as on Christmas Eve at Gma and Gpa’s house. I’ll have to take video of those.

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Ah…so this is Christmas!

Snow falling all around! 100_5557

The tree is up! 100_5548

We’re going to our first Christmas play this morning…”The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever” 🙂 at the Steppingstone Theater in St. Paul.

Our church had its Christmas program and the kids had such a good time participating in it. (Josiah is on the right standing at the mic in the first video; Faith is in the middle of the group in the second video, wearing a red caplet.)


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Hello! This is Eric. And I’m just here to let you know how glad it is to call home every day, and hear what is going on in my…uh…our school…..

You see, I really don’t do much, but admire how much I love hearing stories from my wife how the kids are learning. I love my kids telling me where the 5 world oceans are. Or how the Pilgrims lived, or hearing my kids do math in their heads… It makes me want to puff up…until I remember that I’ve little to do with it at this time. My wife’s my kids’ teacher, not me. I just support them as much as I can. Though I’ve a lot to learn about picking up where things get tough for her… (I really am trying to think more of what can be done to make here life here at home easier… Actually, I “think” of how to help her, but don’t follow through on the actual doing of it… I’m so bad.)

Anyway. Expect to hear more from me in the coming days… Hope to hear from y’all soon!


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I was thinking about, “What a way to spend a birthday!”, being that it’s been quite a dramatic day and it’s my birthday. However, truth be told, it really felt like “just another day” today because after celebrating my bday over the weekend with family and then the excitement of seeing our new baby yesterday, it felt like all the fun was had.

So how about, “Home Schoolers can turn ANYTHING into a learning experience!”? That one reflects the events of today, for sure.

While at our favorite park this afternoon, our courageous son decided to play Superman on THIS piece of equipment:

And what I mean by “play Superman” is that instead of standing on the platform and simply grabbing the handle to propel himself across, he instead pushed the handle a foot or two away so that he could take a FLYING LEAP, grab onto the handle and SPEED across! This went on for several minutes with great success…until that *one time*.

That one time is all it took to give our little guy his first broken bone. His wrist. Specifically the Radius of his left wrist.

How do I know the specific name of the bone our son broke? Well, let me assure you, it’s NOT because I’m knowledgeable of skeletons. Rather, it’s because our always-curious and ever-confident son asked about a hundred questions of the doctor, nurses, and x-ray tech who attended him tonight. They were quite accomodating and very impressed…with both Josiah and with me. Apparently I am a brilliant thinker because of the types of “leading questions” I ask to make my children really think. At least this particular group of people thought it took a “brilliant thinker” to do such a thing.  

Patient, I am.

A brilliant thinker, um…yeah. 

But I’ll tell ya one thing, I do know how to turn most *any* experience into one we can look back upon as a time of fruitful learning. 🙂 Nothing says learning like a trip to the Urgent Care for plenty of time examining your own x-rays!

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This week my niece Abbe and nephew Luke from WI are in town. They are such a joy and it warms my heart to see how excited our own two kids get when they know they’re coming for a visit. Faith’s prayers become inundated with requests for safe travels and fun times. Josiah’s mind fills with plans for games and the particular Hot Wheels cars he plans to bring for them. Our schedule becomes focused on time spent with the cousins; meals, outings, and sleep overs together become high priority since we don’t get to spend too much time with this side of our family.

And yet, with having “officially” started our school year last week, I can’t help but wonder what the balance is between these types of fun family outings and the lesson plans that sit on our shelves.

These family connections mean so much to me and I suppose that’s no secret to those who know me. I was born and raised in California and while I’ve been here for almost 7yrs now, certainly long enough to call MN home, all my family remains on the west coast. One dear aunt of mine, for whom Faith’s middle name honors, is in Oklahoma but that’s still a 10hr drive…might as well be across the country!

At the start of this week with the cousins, I woke the kids early to get in their math, spelling, and handwriting practice. The basics, right? But then as the week has worn on, we’ve found ourselves with even earlier mornings and later nights because of all the fun and I’ve grown lax with even the basics. It’s no lie, being a “home schooler” brings with it a certain amount of flexibility. Flexibility I’m glad to have and WANT to have in our lives. I want the kids to know that love and service to our Lord Jesus Christ is top priority in our lives. Love and service to our family and those close to us follow close behind. And because we want to be good stewards of the brilliant minds, spirits, and bodies God has given us and respect and follow the path He has layed out for us, we choose to commit to cultivating those minds, spirits, and bodies for His Glory. All of this means that while we’ll forge ahead in our studies, our prayer is to always have a spirit open to the needs of those around us and of the opportunities to serve. That requires flexibility, right?! 🙂 Who wants to say no to praying over a friend who’s just had brain surgery because they haven’t finished their math lesson for the day? *lol* I exaggerate but you get the point… (Although, I really do have a friend who just had brain surgery today! Please say a prayer for my great friend Cari…her story is here: http://www.undomestic.blogspot.com/ )

I do, however, recognize the need to tread carefully as we begin our home schooling journey because I know in the past I have tended towards a more complacent attitude that says, “All is well. It’ll get done. No worries”. Some may call that being “easy-going” and *maybe* (that’s a BIG maybe) I could be described as that but when it comes to school, I know I am still finding my stride. Thus, I want to remember that the commitment we make to the cultivation of our minds, spirits, and bodies is done so that we can be best used of God for His plans while we’re on this earth. No slacking off constantly in the name of fun. No rewriting lesson plans simply to make room for a trip to Disneyland (although some *could* say that’s a learning experience in and of itself!) No ignoring this awesome responsibility and awe-inspiring gift that has been given me in schooling our children at home.  

So let me get this straight. In order to make room for being flexible, we need to be rigorous in our studies.


I dunno that I understand it all yet. I suppose I’ll struggle with this issue of “balance” until the Lord calls me home. *lol* 🙂 But what I do know is that if I train my eyes on the Cross, putting my Lord and Savior first, and doing everything as unto Him, it’ll all work out somehow. 🙂

Thank you, Jesus for working it all out somehow. I trust You.

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